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Port Drayage, a local container trucking, warehousing and distribution service provider; specializing in providing value added warehousing and services to product coming in through import or freight that needs consolidation & preparation for export. We have leveraged our volume of LTL and truckload shipments (moving to and from our facilities for import / export) in order to receive favorable pricing with local, regional and nationwide LTL, truckload and niche service providers. These strategic partnerships allow us to offer complete door to door freight transportation services to our clients.

 - along with strategic freight transportation business partners nationwide and warehousing & distribution operation has now developed strategic partnerships with freight transportation service providers, small and large has developed into a full service freight transportation, warehousing & distribution service provider operating out of New Jersey, New York, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Washington and California. Through a relentless commitment to excellent service and communication, we have developed a local container trucking business to full value added warehousing and distribution that includes pick & pack, labeling & ticketing, e-commerce, transload, cross dock, freight consolidation for export business and import container deconsolidation with nationwide less than truckload and truckload services for any shipment to and from our facilities - as well as third party shipping.

Under the Port Drayage umbrella of service providers, you will find a network of smart and dedicated terminals; relentless in the market place to provide a rock solid service to our clients; who rely on our service offering to grow their business, deliver to their client and improve visibility, turn around time and reduce costs. We are proud to say, that we are indeed, not one of thee cheapest service providers in the industry and by far, not the most costly, however, we are one of the most reliable service providers in the market. Too many times; we receive phone calls from clients who receive below market rates from carriers and are in need of dyer help when their preferred trucker no longer has capacity to cover their important load. We encourage shippers of all sizes to invest in their business and chose the right service providers to handle their supply chain, because one costly missed delivery - can wipe out any savings and much more through lost sales, clients and reputation.

Port Drayage USA provides a unique advantage by providing a wide variety of supply chain solutions that include local/regional container drayage/trucking, warehousing and distribution services through 18 facilities in 10 states capable of shipping and receiving any size shipment, LTL or Truckload, nationwide. For our "Big Box Retail" business partners; we provide vendor consolidation, DC By-Pass, Import Deconsolidation, Sort & Seg., Store Deliveries, Pool Distribution and handle special projects nationwide such as new store openings or new product display roll-outs and more. Respective Vendors (Apparel, Footwear, Consumer Electronics, Accessories) who seek an experienced warehousing service provider who knows and understands the requirements of each retailer and their routing guides, will chose Port Drayage to service its product line; pick & pack their merchandise, ensure labels are placed accordingly, ASN's sent properly and shipped accordingly; perhaps ship hundreds of orders a day through their e-Commerce/Internet business - shipped daily through Parcel/FedEx or UPS. Exporters with vendors nationwide may elect Port Drayage to be their consolidator, receive cargo in, acknowledge, inspect goods - load outbound containers and ship accordingly. Importers of a variety of commodities will rely on Port Drayage and our terminals to pick up their containers, unload their cargo - palletize & shrink wrap and deliver LTL shipments to various locations across the country or deliver direct truckloads; according to schedule.  Every company has their own unique way of doing business. Listening to our clients and developing a trust and confidence in our business partners has allowed our business to grow and expand year over year. We value our client business partners and work closely with our clients and terminal managers to develop programs that fit the specific needs of our clients.
Our clients count on their account manager - who is responsible for the daily coordination and communication between the clients every day needs and local delivery terminals. This seamless flow of communication reduces miscommunication by over-communication. Your account manager knows your business, your business partners and their requirements. As your personal advocate, your account manager is there to go above and beyond  your expectations - as your valued business partner.

Each terminal / warehousing facility is equipped with a local fleet of trucks (straight trucks, tractors and cargo vans) for local pick up and deliveries; typically vendor consolidation, export consolidation, import distribution, store delivery or pool distribution. We receive and ship cargo every day to and from major cities using several methods of freight transportation which include time definite ground, load to ride, expedited, intermodal/rail or Less Than Truckload / Truckload shipping. In-house or through our extensive network of agreements with local, regional and nationwide service providers, we provide the resources to ensure your goods receive the attentive concern it requires to deliver on time.

Whether you are looking for one segment or service offering or the complete supply chain solution, we invite you to discuss your business opportunity or challenges to allow Port Drayage and its colleagues, an opportunity to put together a solution that delivers on-time results. Our current menu of services include:

Container Drayage / Container Trucking
Drayage to/from local seaports to our warehouse or yours; locally or regionally. Typically, our drivers are locals who go home daily. Any long-haul needs, we would suggest a transload to reduce round-trip miles/cost and improve driver productivity. Our container drayage services provide drop & hook capabilities, tri-axle chassis, overweight permits, many pieces of company owned chassis and on-time deliveries.
Warehousing and Distribution

Our diverse client base rely on our warehousing and distribution services for a variety of needs that include export freight consolidation and loading, import devanning and distribution, sort & segregation, labeling, ticketing, pick & pack, e-Commerce/Web-Site/Internet orders/shipping, Trans-Load or Transloading, Palletize and Shrink Wrap, storage, project work and more.

Local Cartage / Nationwide LTL (Less Than Truckload) Freight Transportation
With local cartage fleet services along with our extensive network of LTL (Less Than Truckload) service partners; we ship and receive freight to/from our facilities, providing nationwide coverage and distribution capabilities with flexible pricing schedules based on pallet rates, classification, dimensional size and weight or volume quotes. We provide expedited LTL shipping with NO-Break bulk delays or additional handling from CA, NJ and FL to 40 states; with delivery made within 3-5 business days.

Nationwide Truckload Service / On-Demand and Dedicated Fleet
On-Demand truckload coverage for the hot load that must deliver on-time or the dedicated fleet that requires 300 trailers for drop and hook service, we provide unparalled truckload freight transportation services nationwide using solo and team driven drivers for local or long haul transportation moves. We work within several divisions that include asset based services, with access to over 10,000 trailers - which provides the ability to provide drop and hook services, dedicated fleet, repower down tractors and reposition equipment to meet your market needs. Great for retailers and their distribution centers or suppliers and their manufacturing facilities; we can provide the dedicated equipment needed to run your business efficiently.

Clients & Industries Served
Our valued clients consist of: "Big Box Retailers" and respective vendors in general department store goods, apparel, footwear, consumer electronics, home goods and furnishings as well as Displays/Visual Merchandising for nationwide roll-outs. Automobile / automotive companies who ship supplies, auto parts and accessories. Industrial Supplies and construction companies ordering supplies in bulk and/or need warehousing storage / distribution near a project or rebuilding site. Raw Materials, Minerals and production material..Traveling concerts and outdoor sporting events. Exporters and Importers of all shapes and sizes, Freight Forwarders, Brokers, truckers and more.

Service Locations Include:  Elizabeth, NJ   Woodbridge, NJ   Secaucus, NJ   Staten Island, NY   Queens, NY   Savannah, GA   Norfolk, VA   Miami, FL   Houston, TX
                                                  Oakland, CA   Los Angeles, CA   Torrance, CA   Seattle, WA   Tacoma, WA   ** Coming Soon -- MEMPHIS, TN **


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